Nikon | Universcale

We are able to view all entities, from the microworld to the universe, from a single perspective. By setting them up against a scale, we are able to compare and understand things which cannot be physically compared.

Today, using the electron microscope and astronomical telescope, we can see the objects which we have not been aware of its existence before. Are you able to fathom, or even roughly grasp, these sizes?

See our Universcale and experience the sizes of various objects.

5 thoughts on “Nikon | Universcale”

  1. 竟然還有我的link……我都荒廢它好多年了,你還赫然把我大名挂在上面讓我情何以堪,你刪了他把囧~~

    1. ok拉~其实在blogbus有些过一点点,实在太懒又荒废了,而且觉得自己不太适合写博客(恩,我比较适合留言,砸人家的场)

    2. 是鸡窝吧 , 舒淇的照片好销魂..

      我搬好了, 现在住在一个神秘的地方, 不过你可能挺熟悉的… 黑街你知道吗/? 哈哈

  2. 我操,这都被你知道了,怎么混阿以后!


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