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同志 Billboard – Gay Songs Top 50


因为上次在 Shanghai Studio 放音乐, 所以 Google 了一下, 这个单子是澳洲网站 samesame 为纪念悉尼 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 30周年所做的投票. 评选出历史上最 gay 的50首歌.  名单如下:

50. Elton John and George Michael “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

49. Dead or Alive “You Spin Me (Like A Record)”

48. Pet Shop Boys “New York City Boy”

47. Diana Ross “Chain Reaction”

46. Deborah Harry “I Want That Man”
yeah, “I Want That Man”

45. Cher “Strong Enough”
well, i won’t play any Cher record, since i listened one of her song when i was in middle school, it ruined my weekend. i simply hate her just like i simply hate Barbra Streisand.

44. RuPaul “Supermodel (You Better Work)”
43. KD Lang “Constant Craving”

42. Culture Club “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”
Boy George and “Do you Really Want To Hurt Me”, must played

41. Chaka Kham “I’m Every Woman”

40. Wham “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”
去看脱衣舞之前请把我叫醒 (很悲伤)

39. Paul Lekakis “Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room)
38. Kym Mazelle “Young Hearts Run Free”
37. George Michael “Outside”
36. Donna Summer “I Feel Love”
35. Dannii Minogue “This Is It”
34. Belinda Carlisle “Summer Rain”
33. Peter Allen “I Go To Rio”

32. Sylvester “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real”
初二听这首歌, 一直以为他是女的

31. Heather Small “Proud”
30. CeCe Peniston “Finally”

29. Madonna “Express Yourself”
Gay 趴少不了麦姐

28. Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
27. Charlene “I’ve Never Been To Me”
26. Tim Curry “Sweet Transvestite”

25. Barry Manilow “Copacabana”

24. Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer “No More Tears”
That’s right, I hate Barbra Streisand

23. Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”
22. Sister Sledge “We Are Family”
21. Queen “I Want To Break Free”20. Dolly Parton “9 to 5”
19. Coming Out Crew “Free, Gay and Happy”

18. Village People “In the Navy”
哦哦! Village People ! 在海军 !!

17. Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax”
16. Village People “Macho Man”
15. Judy Garland “Over The Rainbow”
14. Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy”
13. Diana Ross “I’m Coming Out”
12. Cher “Believe”
11. Gloria Gaynor “I Am What I Am”
10. Alicia Bridges “I Love The Nightlife”
9. Madonna “Vogue”
8. Olivia Netwon-John “Xanadu”
7. Kylie Minogue “Better The Devil You Know”
6. Pet Shop Boys “Go West”
5. Kylie Minogue “Your Disco Needs You”

4. The Weathergirls “It’s Raining Men”
gay 的圣歌, i used to think that raining have a sex metaphor about raining sperm, sorry.. and i once had a serious discussion with Kim(olivepixel) about raindeer, and it turns out that raindeer is nothing but a reindeer, it’s not about Santa and deers pee in the sky.

3. Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive”
“First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live
without you by my side
But I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong
I grew strong
I learned how to carry on
and so you’re back
from outer space
I just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed my stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second
you’d be back to bother me”

2. Village People “YMCA”
YMCA ! 教会歌曲 !

1. ABBA “Dancing Queen”
OK, 冠军是 ABBA, 瑞典 Dancing Queen ! 曾经它的曲调和歌词让我觉得这是写给残障人士的福利歌曲 “You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life”, 好吧我错了

OK, 下面是一些 建议 讨论

Dave K ( Udance 电音中国 / DJ ) :
“一定要放 Lady Gaga 和 Madonna. 而且每首歌不要放超过两分钟, gay 是没有耐心的. ”
“你最好一会快一会慢, 这样他们就high了. ”

Momo (前轻音乐杂志编辑, 现电音中国成员)
“scissor sisters/maroon 5 = =/frank muzik/ sam sparro 都很有爱啊!!!尤其是后两者!!!KATY PERRY,红辣椒,MIKA也可以试一下= =贱搔搔”

Jive ( 前轻音乐杂志编辑, 现居广州但仍然和轻音乐搞不清关系, DMC 比赛前一天预言我拿第一, 神一样的存在 )
” Kanye West的Stronger 连带Daft Punk原版Sample那首”更高更快更强”,你不觉的这个很”1″吗???”
“80年代那些老人家,什么Soft Cell的Tainted
Love,哦哟太基了,基得不得了!!!同期的像Blondie、Anthony啥的那些Synthpop,都太基情了 ”

Ryan “Trix” ( Bananas / DJ ) , Michael “Ozone” ( Antidote / DJ, Promoter):
我: 为什么 Over the Rainbow 会进同志 top50?
Trix: Cause gays love Judy Garland, she use to play in The Wizard of Oz ( 绿野仙踪 ), as Dorothy Gale.
我: Yeah?
Trix: Gay people wanna dress like her. And if you are gay, you can say “I’m a friend of Dorothy”. Hey Michael, are you a friend of Dorothy?
Michael: What?
Trix: And Dorothy have a dog names “Toto
我: So if you’re a friend of Toto, you’re a gay dog?
Trix: Yes. Are you’re a friend of Toto?

Kim ( ROM / visual designer )
” Definitly, YMCA is gay, have you seen the picture of Village People? ”

Zoe ( 挪威馆工作人员 ) party 上跟一个同志说 :
“Hey sister, I hope you get fuck tonight.”
gay : “Ohhh, you’re so sweeeet~~ Thank you~~”

On The Simpsons, Moe banishes Homer from the bar.
Moe: “…and I’m taking your favorite song out of the jukebox.”
Homer: “‘It’s Raining Men?’”
Moe: “Yeah, not no more it ain’t.”
The record is thrown out and then picked up by Waylon Smithers.

那天确实蛮有意思, 我喜欢大部分同志因为他们人都很nice, 而且性格很好. 在现场我还遇到 Aiko Nakagawa, 她也是 Big Freedia 的朋友, 后来我也放了些 New Orleans Bounce. 9月10号到10月31号她在上海有展览, 点这里有更多信息. 欢迎大家去看 :)

另外我和 Trix 都会在十月的 MIDI 和 JZ 音乐节上 DJ, 有空过来带你们吃爆米花.

John Lennon – Imagine

Imagine” 是 John Lennon solo 时期最著名的作品,  专辑 Imagine 的开场曲, 发行于1971年.

歌词展示了 Lennon 对大同世界的幻想, 部分来源于 Yoko Ono 关于幼年生活的诗, 那时候日本正在经历第二次世界大战. Ono 也指出这首歌是 “just what John believed — that we are all one country, one world, one people. He wanted to get that idea out.” 另外它也受到 Nutopia: The Country of Peace 概念的影响.

Lennon 后期在书中说这是 “anti-religiousanti-nationalisticanti-conventionalanti-capitalistic [song], but because it’s sugar-coated, it’s accepted.” 他自己对这首歌的评价也很高, 认为可以和 Beatles 时期的任何歌相比.

Zbigniew Rybczyński 拍摄了歌曲的mv, 是个波兰的导演. 他也给 Mick JaggerPet Shop BoysLou Reed 等人拍摄过 video. 如果喜欢动画说不定会知道他, 他的 Tango (1980) 在1983年拿到 Oscar 最佳动画短片. 点击下面看

Blur – Girls & Boys

Girls & Boys” is a song by the English britpop band Blur. It was released as the lead single from the band’s third album Parklife, on 7 March 1994. Charting at number five in the UK Singles Charts, “Girls & Boys” was Blur’s first top 5 hit. In the United States, it reached number fifty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number four on the Modern Rock songs chart.

The video, directed by Kevin Godley, featured Blur performing this song to a backdrop of people on 18-30 package holidays (which the band interspersed into the video). Kevin branded the video as “Page 3 rubbish” while Blur found it “perfect”. The front cover of the single was taken from a pack of Durex condoms.

The single release also includes a remix of the track by Pet Shop Boys, who later covered the track live on tour in 1994.

In 2003, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke confessed that he wished he had written the song.


年轻的 Graham Coxon .. 突然想买一件 Damon Albarn 身上那种运动衫..

另外歌词是讽刺中产阶级生活的, 千万别搞错了. mv 拍的不错, 虽然我第一次看的时候没怎么注意, 就像 Beck 的 “Loser” 一样.

Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring

Music Video

The video, the first by fashion-photographer Bruce Weber, totally in black and white, shows a house party and begins with a nude swimmer and a message: “I came from Newcastle in the North of England. We used to have lots of parties where everyone got dressed up and on one party invitation was the quote ‘she was never bored because she was never boring’. The song is about growing up – the ideals that you have when you’re young and how they turn out”.


In spite of the track’s moderate commercial success, “Being Boring” has been a regularly-played song at concerts and is widely considered amongst the greatest, most beautiful Pet Shop Boys songs by fans. Ironically, due to various factors (including it being hard to sing), initially it wasn’t performed on 1991’s Performance Tour; this led to many fans, including Axl Rose of hard rock group Guns N’ Roses, complaining of its omission. It was however added as an encore late in the tour with the band commenting that it “invariably got the best reception of the night”