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2014/10/05 Storm Festival 风暴电音节 !!!

今天下午4:30pm 在 M31 舞台演出!

STORM Electronic Music Festival is China’s first and biggest international electronic dance music festival happening annually in Shanghai.
No one would have believed, that in the first years of the twenty-first century, this world was being watched closely by intelligent beings smarter than man, yet equally as moral. In fact, while average men preoccupied themselves with shallow concerns an entire new world was watching them and admiring their potential. These Auctarians understood that the average man required a change of perspective before he could fully evolve.
Within an infinite galaxy seemingly void of life, how is it possible for one lonely planet to exist, being singularly chosen to carry the burden of intelligence and yet still be so incomplete? Is there reason to believe that the mysteries of life will become increasingly familiar to us? Had we become too complacent?
These superior, ancient beings, these Auctarians, replete with knowledge and wisdom travelled 8,000 light years, through numerous hazards and obstacles just to make a positive contact with our world. These beautiful strangers have finally arrived to unify our wavering convictions. We are now awakened.
From this moment forward, we will experience a spectacular future Earth and finally evolve beyond our current recognition of ourselves. Our misunderstanding of the past, combined with the support of these wise beings will lead us on a journey of redemption and new discovery as we re-awaken ourselves.
This new found magical experience allows us to fully accept ourselves and everyone around us. The awakening is not only around us it is within us.

STORM is Shanghai’s first and China’s biggest major International electronic dance music festival featuring international artists. You are welcome to become a part of this exciting new festival and share your experience with the rest of the world.

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2014/10/03 Vote for Pedro @ Dada

10月3号 Vote for Pedro 在 Dada!

Tim Wu baby 3年复出演 sadcore 伤心情歌请看bartender哭泣. Pennybaby 墨西哥 amigo 放大飞歌!

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2014/09/26 PUNK+ @ Power Station of Art 上海当代艺术博物馆

9月26号6点到8点在当代艺术博物馆 PUNK+ DJ , feat. Sex Pistol 大哥 Glen Matlock, 左小祖咒和Subs以及Sheila Rock 朋克影像展览,有什么想听的朋克金曲现在可以点起来了



和大哥 Glen Matlock #sexpistol


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2014/09/20 Stooki Sound & Girl Unit @ ARKHAM



After a summer hiatus, One Love Shanghai comes threw for the fall with something nice.

Hosting a Budweiser STORM Festival Pre Party we bring a massive double headliner show featuring UK’s biggest trap and grime production duo out, STOOKI SOUND, along with 808 Ghetto House Legend GIRL UNIT(UK) of Night Slugs. Another BIG night in Shanghai’s underground warehouse venue with local heroes Cavia(Dmc Champion) x Selecta Tsunano, Love Bang Sound System, Linfeng, and Yeti B. #1LVSH

100rmb Entrance
80rmb Entrance with Storm & 1LVSH wechat scan.

Budweiser STORM Festival
On October 5th & 6th, beautiful people from around the world will come together for the biggest and most exhilarating music festival’s China has ever seen. This year the festival boasts three massive stages, an extraterrestrial venue on the west bund, and some of the most renowned DJs, producers and artists from around the globe.

9月20号 1LVSH 大动作, 我和 Tsunano 12点 B2B, 还有各位亲朋好友. 会是9月最牛逼的party, 不要错过

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