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再见 ROM

ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END. 8月2号周四 ROM 在 Shelter 最后一期.

ROM 最早叫 Urban Planning, 从2010年我加入到现在, 还是在非常倔的地下状态. 中间我因为在推广上有分歧退出固定的周四活动, 但心里还是支持他们把音乐做到最好的态度. 不夸张的说, ROM 有上海最好的 DJ, VJ, 海报设计师和摄影师, 但它也一直处在夹缝里. 深受圈内人士推崇但又缺少普通受众.

总之 ROM 即将走向尽头, 有兴趣可以来 http://site.douban.com/romfuture/ 听听 ROM 的 EP 和专辑. 风格是绝对的未来主义. 主题是科技, 速度, 末世, 1984, 毁灭和重建. 我和 icenine 都是 Frank Zappa 和 Aceyalone 的铁杆, 还有 Jello Biafra. Kim 喜欢一切怪东西.

ROM 的成员和常客包括 icenine, Olivepixel, Blaise Deville, Andrew Rochfort, Drunk Monk, LON, Downstate, SIG & Hamacide

2011/11/19 ROM Album Launch @ Shelter

【2011 “ROM” 团队新专辑上海首发演出】
阵容:ROM (Icenine, Olivepixel, Blaise Deville) with Downstate / Cavia / Drunk Monk
时间:2011年11月19日 周五 22:00-late
地点:庇护所 The Shelter —— 永福路5号(近复兴西路)

After a year of beta-testing our multi-sensory firmware, ROM is ready to release our latest reality chip.

The first five hundred copies will be packaged with an audio CD and magazine replica commemorating the death of physical media.

Complete with material performances by actual people, ROM celebrates the future by looking back at the past.

“Digital consciousness delivered in analogue nostalgia“

ROM executives icenine, olivepixel and Blaise Deville present a product analysis and live demonstration.

Historical experts Downstate, Cavia and Drunk Monk complement the night with a fitting soundtrack that all futures will remember!

Hosted by ‘The Shelter’- a local favourite, and one of the best surviving venues of the resource wars.

50 new RMB grants you access to the event and includes the chip & the CD.

Album released on the Pause Music label