2013/05/17 Daddy G @ Mao Livehouse

周五 Massive Attack 的 Daddy G 和 Bjork/U2 的制作人 Howie B 在 Mao Livehouse, 我来做暖场 set :)

【场地】上海市徐汇区重庆南路308号mao livehouse



特别嘉宾:Howie B(U2/Bjork/Massive Attack 制作人

格兰特•马歇尔,又名爸爸G,史上被称为“布里斯托之声”的代表人物。这种放松悠闲的声音有着dub,雷鬼,放克,迪斯科,嘻哈风格的痕迹,其优秀代表包括Massive Attack,Tricky和Portishead。这种声音,影响了全球超过二十年,一度成为王菲黄耀明丁薇等实力中文唱将最向往的声音。爸爸G是这种声音的灵魂,他和蘑菇,3-D 一起是Massive Attack的三个创始人之一,爸爸G是乐队的核心成员以及主要声音。

在Massive Attack成名之前,爸爸G早已开始DJ生涯。 1980年,他是最年轻的布里斯托尔DJ之一,他的名字迅速成为一个怪异混合风格的代名词。在他的派对上人们总是可以听到最新的迪斯科,新鲜热辣从纽约运到的朋克放克,刚进口的说唱歌曲,以及灵魂乐和dub雷鬼。他的DJ台型不仅充斥着传说中好的音乐选择和他的混音技能,而同时他还震撼着麦克风,说唱着无与伦比的布里斯托黑人之声。

Grant Marshall, a.k.a. Daddy G has historically become known as the “Bristol Sound”. It´s that laid back sound that breathes dub, reggae, funk, disco and hip hop, represented by protagonists like Massive Attack,Tricky and Portishead. A sound that left its global traces for more than two decades. And Daddy G is its spiritus rector because he was one of the founders of Massive Attack besides Mushroom and 3-D,Daddy G was the core member of the group as well as the group´s main voices.

Way before being part of Massive Attack, Daddy G was known as a DJ. 1980 he was one of the youngest Bristol DJs, quickly establishing his name as a synonym for an eclectic music style. At the parties people could always hear the newest in disco, fresh punk funk from NY, the first rap imports as well as soul and dub reggae. His DJ sets were not only legendary because of their selection and his mixing skills, but because he rocked the microphone as versatile as the wheels of steel.

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