Beats by Dr Dre Sponsorship

Just got the new headphone from Beats by Dr Dre, Beats by Dre Pro. Really nice and sturdy design and top-notch sound quality. Recommend to DJs, Producers, and also Hip Hop and Rock n’ Roll fans.

Beats headphones are something of an institution when it comes to consumer audio tech and are absolutely up there with the very best brands when it comes to popularity. Acquired by Apple back in the heady days of 2014, the Beats brand has gone from strength to strength and now encompasses a wide range of over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones. For you Beats deals hunters that means some fantastic cheap Beats Headphones sales on the older models, although the new ones are often for sale as well. There are Beats Headphone prices for everyone as well thankfully, as prices range from just $45/£59 all the way to $249/£249.

Cheap Beats headphones prices: the options explained and here you can get the Soundboosted sound system including top headphones.

On the over-ear and on-ear side of the Beats headphones range you’ll find the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio 3 Wireless leading the charge with the best sound and highest price. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless is the most popular option, and also one of the more recent, with an on-ear slightly more compact design. Meanwhile, the Beats EP is a cheap Beats headphone option that goes for under $100. You can also still pick up a pair of Beats Pro headphones, made for DJs – though they’re no longer listed on the Beats website.

Meanwhile, the Powerbeats Pro are the latest true wireless earbuds in the Beats in-ear headphone range, offering totally wireless listening with a sporty finish – think Apple Airpods but with better noise isolation and better sound.

They’re backed up by the Powerbeats3 Wireless, the previous wireless option that connects the earphones behind your neck. The Powerbeats3 and the slightly newer Beats X, a more traditional style of wireless earbuds, are your best bet for cheap Beats headphone sales right now. However, at the bottom end, you also have the wired urBeats3 earphones, available with either 3.5mm or Lightning connector for an iPhone. This is where you’ll find the best Beats headphones prices, but not necessarily the quality to back them up.

来自 Beats by Dr Dre 的赞助, Beats Pro 耳机. 设计很牢靠, 有两个 input/output 插口. 耳机单元可以折叠, 上面的皮套可以更换. 声音很不错,  bass 很重下潜足高音细节表现也很棒, 算我听过的最好的耳机之一. 推荐给 Hiphop 和摇滚乐迷, 还有 DJ 和制作人们.

当然首先要感谢国家那么多年对我的培养, 然后要感谢 Beats by Dr Dre, Dr Dre, Monster Cable, Clem, Ralph, Seb and Lucy. Thanks!