Pulp – Common People

Common People” 是1995年 Pulp 的单曲, 来自专辑 Different Class.

歌词大体写的是上层社会(某种意义上, 或者middle class)的人想要像平常人一样生活, 也被称为 slumming 或者 “class tourism”. 灵感来自主唱 Jarvis Cocker 的朋友, 他抱怨他的女性伴侣 can “never be like common people”, because even if she gets a flat where “roaches climb the wall” ultimately, “if [she] called [her] dad he could stop it all”, in contrast to the true common people who can only “watch [their] lives slide out of view”. Jarvis 后来评价说他感觉 slumming “seemed to be in the air, that kind of patronising social voyeurism… I felt that of Parklife, for example, or Natural Born Killers – there is that noble savage notion. But if you walk round a council estate, there’s plenty of savagery and not much nobility going on.”

mv 非常帅气, 我见过的 britpop 里很少有这么好的, 能进我个人 top 5. Jarvis 在里面也是帅到不行, 操

PS: 早上Kim 跟我说发条橙有一部分是在他的学校里拍的.. WOW

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  1. 疗养院那片地么 – =



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