Blur – Girls & Boys

Girls & Boys” is a song by the English britpop band Blur. It was released as the lead single from the band’s third album Parklife, on 7 March 1994. Charting at number five in the UK Singles Charts, “Girls & Boys” was Blur’s first top 5 hit. In the United States, it reached number fifty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number four on the Modern Rock songs chart.

The video, directed by Kevin Godley, featured Blur performing this song to a backdrop of people on 18-30 package holidays (which the band interspersed into the video). Kevin branded the video as “Page 3 rubbish” while Blur found it “perfect”. The front cover of the single was taken from a pack of Durex condoms.

The single release also includes a remix of the track by Pet Shop Boys, who later covered the track live on tour in 1994.

In 2003, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke confessed that he wished he had written the song.


年轻的 Graham Coxon .. 突然想买一件 Damon Albarn 身上那种运动衫..

另外歌词是讽刺中产阶级生活的, 千万别搞错了. mv 拍的不错, 虽然我第一次看的时候没怎么注意, 就像 Beck 的 “Loser” 一样.

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  1. 我只看出来他的牌子Fila 不过估计那么复古的款……

    1. 牛逼, 居然能看出是fila.. 我去淘宝找找,

      解放鞋太复古了, 我去年看到Adidas 做了好几款中国复古装..

  2. 看他的拉练,上面有个logo
    不过我挺喜欢adidas的,因为the killers唱过All Day I Dream All Sex~~让我对它突增好感

    1. 三叶草中国挺雷的.. 我也喜欢 adidas, 不过要有更简单点的德国风就好了 哈哈

      回力舒服么?? 好的话我也去搞一双

  3. 我先去睡了,前面接到个电话让我很早去公司,擦!这太难了!

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