Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring

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The video, the first by fashion-photographer Bruce Weber, totally in black and white, shows a house party and begins with a nude swimmer and a message: “I came from Newcastle in the North of England. We used to have lots of parties where everyone got dressed up and on one party invitation was the quote ‘she was never bored because she was never boring’. The song is about growing up – the ideals that you have when you’re young and how they turn out”.


In spite of the track’s moderate commercial success, “Being Boring” has been a regularly-played song at concerts and is widely considered amongst the greatest, most beautiful Pet Shop Boys songs by fans. Ironically, due to various factors (including it being hard to sing), initially it wasn’t performed on 1991’s Performance Tour; this led to many fans, including Axl Rose of hard rock group Guns N’ Roses, complaining of its omission. It was however added as an encore late in the tour with the band commenting that it “invariably got the best reception of the night”


4 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring”

    1. 不是吧。。我觉得是假唱 尤其是这两个视频连起来看 声音一摸一样呢 现场声音应该不会那么稳 某些发声音节一定是很好的话筒才能录进去的 现场这个话筒明显不可能做到 而且也没有换气声哎

      他是很帅啊 眼镜我很喜欢 那个键盘手大衣背面印着FIDO DIDO,他也喜欢喝七喜咩 :)

    2. 其实我也有类似困惑, 但想到他们那时候唱功了得, 而且还年轻, 所以就放心的

      fido dido 必然爱喝七喜, 跟着党走

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