dEUS                         worst case scenario
radiohead                    ok computer
beck                           mellow gold
blur                            modern life is rubbish
graham coxon              the kiss of morning
smashing pumpkins       siamese dream
suede                         dog man star
mcalmont & butler       bring it back
verve                         a storm in heaven
nick drake                   pink moon
sparklehorse                good morning spider
badly drawn boy          the hour of bewilderbeast
mazzy star                   she hangs brightly
led zepplin                   led zepplin 3
iggy pop                      avenue b
everything but the girl        eden
pulp                            different class
jeff buckley                  grace
nirvana                        in utero
tom waits                    used songs  1973 ~ 1980
eels                            electro-shock blues
hefner                        the fidelity wars
supergrass                   life on other planets
nick cave and the bad seeds         the boatman’s call
eno/cale                     wrong way up
311                            grassroots
james brown                ballads
marilyn manson             antichrist superstar
frente!                        marvin the album
richard ashcroft             human conditions
placebo                       placebo
radio 4                        gotham!
the cure                      three imagination boys
leonard cohen              the songs of leonard cohen
ween                          pure guava
black sabbath                paranoid
bauhaus                       in the fat field
pink floyd                     dark side of the moon
king crimson                 the compact
joy division                    unkrown pleasure
tori amos                      under the pink
the flaming lips              yoshimi battles the pink robots
aerosmith                    rock
damien rice                  o
belle and sebastian        tigermilk
black box recorder        england made me
super furry animals        songbook vol.1
the bees                     sunshine hits me
ac/dc                          back in black
mark  kozeled               what’s next the moon
sonic youth                  daydream nation
explorsions in the sky     the earth is not a cold dead place
suzanne vega               songs in red and gray
throwing muses            the real ramona
the king of convenience       riot on an empty street
jack johnson                in between dreams
the doors                    the doors
the jesus and mary chain      psychocandy
cat power                   moon pix
the velvet underground     loaded
club 8                        friend i once had
mojave 3                    excuses for travellers
pixies                         doolittle
jimi hendrix                 are you experienced
the shins                    oh, inverted world
yo la tengo                 fakebook
dirty three                  horse stories
elliott smith                 either/or
tortoise                      tnt
spiritualized                 ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
hope sandoval & the warm inventions             suzanne(ep)
laurie anderson            big science
my bloody valentine     loveless
slowdive                     souvlaki
the beatles                 1
low                            long division
the clash                    london calling
television                    marquee moon


daft punk                   homework
kraftwerk                   kraftwerk
chemical brothers        exit planet dust
bent                          programmed to love
the prodigy                 music for the jilted generation
massive attack             blue lines
portishead                  dummy
moby                         play
timo maas                   loud
gilles peterson             worldwide , vol 2
dj krush                      holonic
dj shadow                   endtroducing
dj spooky                    songs of a dead dreamer
dj cam                       the loa project, vol. 2
to rococo rot               music is a hungry ghost
kid loco                       a grand love story
groove armada             the best of
aphex twin                  selected ambient works 85-92
howie b                      folk
fatboy slim                  you’ve come a long way, baby
mouse on mars            autoditacker
tricky                         maxinquaye
air                             moon safari
stereolab                    margerinic ecliose
thevery corporation     the mirror conspiracy
death in vegas            the contino sesseions
royksopp                    the understanding
st  german                 tourist
biosphere                   microgravity
orbital                        orbital 2
burnt friedman            secret rhythms, vol. 2
brian eno                   apollo atmospheres & soundtracks
the future sound of london    lifeforms
bt                             10 years in the life
the books                  thought for food
gus gus                     polytistortion
mum                         yesterday was dramatic,today is ok


ruins                         tzomvorgha
ground zero               revolutionary pekinese opera
bill laswell                   mantra


art blakey                    best of blakey 60
count basie                 basie’s basement
bill evans                     trio 64
charlie parker               bird’s best bop
willie bobo                   talkin’ verve
john coltrane               blue train
sonny rollins                 collection
buena vista social club   buena vista social club
stan getz/joao gilberto  getz/gilberto
miles davis                   birth of the cool
dave holland big band   what goes around
various artist                how deep is the ocean
various artist                blue note plays sinatra
various artist                swing


buddy guy                   the collection
muddy waters              folk singer

R & B:

macy gray                    oh how life is
india arie                      acoustic soul
sade                            lovers rock

Original Soundtrack:

various artist                trainspotting
various artist                pulp fiction
various artist                the dreamers
various artist                a clockwork orange
the dust brothers         fight club
eleni karaindrou            paisaje en la niebla

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    里面只有少数是打口和正版, 大多是盗版的, 也没什么好羡慕的了 :)正版估计我也买不起呵…..不过有一些碰到盗版也挺高兴的了, hanson 的听的比较少, 只是在MTV的一些合辑里听过,以后看到的话, 再好好听一下 :)

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